Flock Timeline

December 2011 'A' League Title - The Flock wins their first 'A' league title.
March 2011 Indianapolis Tournament Flock joins up with iHop to dominate (or less) on the big ice
January 2009 Iowa Winter Games A skeleton crew heads to Dubuque for the Iowa Winter Olympics (and almost medals)
December 2008 'B' League Title - The Flock wins the first annual not good enough for the regular playoffs trophy (or as we call it 9th place!)
April 2005 Flock Rock Greatest Hits - Kretschmann Years Remastered hits & stunning behind the scenes information!
September 2004 Flock Rocks 7 - Escape From Iowa Double album of new material from the Brothers Weinberg
Sept. 17th-19th, 2004 Quad Cities Tournament 2004 Fifth time is the charm as long as fun and losing are charmed
April 2004 Flock Rocks 6 - Highway 6 DJ Passman is back spinnin' the hits that make Omaha tolerable
April 2nd-4th, 2004 2004 USA Broomball Nationals Tourney Writeup for our Trip to Omaha
September 2003 Flock Rocks 5 - The Black Album More of the Flock world tour
September 2003 Flock Rocks 5.5 - Down & Dirty The Minnesota addition to Flock Rocks 5, its a double album!
September 2003 Quad Cities Tournament 2003 - Fourth time into the breach
June 2003 Flock Rocks 2 - The Lost Album Digitally remastered from the original 8-track tape!
June 7th-8th 2003 Chicago Broomball Jamboree: Not happening, not enough interest
April 2003 Flock Rocks 4 - It's a Long Way to the Top If You Want to Flock and Roll Biggest Hit Yet. Sells 27 Copies, Opens at Number 1,437 on the Billboard chart and goes Einsteinium!
April 11th-13th 2003 Omaha Broomball Tournament One if by land, two if by air
September 2002 Flock Rocks III - Rockin' the Nation Without Hesitation Sells 8 Copies and Goes Cadmium!
Sept. 28th 2002 Quad Cities Tournament 2002 Third annual QC tourney - This looks like a job for us
July 21st, 2002 Chicago-Quad Cities Get Together Not Quite a Tournament
Feb. 24th 2002 Midwest Broomball Championship, Rosemount MN Losing Games and Scaring Children
Sept. 9th 2001 Quad Cities Tournament 2001 Second annual QC tourney - No time for a write up
August 18th, 2000 Quad Cities Tournament 2000 First annual QC tourney - No gas left in the tank
April 19th-24th 1998 Worst Fan Appreciation Day Ever Initial Press Release Insight Into Game Strategies Press Fact Sheet 101 Reasons To Go
February 1998 Flock Rocks - Opening a Can of Whoop Ass Sells 23 copies, goes Argon!
Jan. 20th 1998 Budwiser Broomball Shootout - Duluth MN Damn, It's Cold Here!
February 1996 The Flock is Born First game for the masters
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