Fan Appreciation 1998 - 101 Reasons To Go

April 23, 1998

Here's the last instalment of the Flock PR machine trying to get you to spend an hour of your time with us at 6:00 on Sunday at the Robert Crown Center in Evanston (of course you'd want to get there much earlier to get a good seat). We don't win as much as we should, but we definately have more fun than anyone else on the ice and if nothing else you will at least laugh at us if you care to show up. Afterwards we will be at the Candelight so even if you can't make the game, stop by and listen to a bunch of smelly guys tell stories about the game and drink some beer.

100 or so reasons to go to the Flock game on Sunday
(or why Broomball is so freakin' cool!)

  1. Guys who can sweat in an ice rink are really sexy.
  2. You can win free stuff, like autographed game balls, game-worn jerseys, signed sticks, and best of all your own copy of FLOCK ROCK!
  3. Mike Wenz, Enough Said.
  4. A good chance that a fight will break out on any night.
  5. We can put the Biscut in the Basket, if you know what I mean.
  6. We go to the Candelight (on Western just South of Howard) after every game, and they have LaBatt's on tap.
  7. Stefan will most definately club some guy during the game with his stick, and he'll probably get away with it too.
  8. Its like when you step on a Caterpillar and the other half is squirming around. You need to step on that other half to put it out of its misery.
  9. Its definately better than America's Zaniest whatever hosted by James Brown on FOX at 6:00 on Sundays.
  10. Its like a train wreck, and who would pass up a good train wreck?
  11. We've got the coolest god damn shoes you've ever seen.
  12. After every goal we score we break into dance, and no one can Churn Butter, Mow the Lawn, or Do the Worm like we can.
  13. TaAsha said she'd be there in her cheerleading outfit, Ooo La La!
  14. Its a much better game than softball.
  15. LL Cool J is a big fan of ours and Ladies Love Cool James.
  16. I've sent out all of these damn e-mails and you have pity on such a sad, sad man.
  17. We are the official broomball team of the Brat Stop in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
  18. We have a great web site ( and you want to meet the players in person that you've learned so much about on the internet.
  19. We know all the words to the Spinners' Rubberband Man.
  20. Minty Fresh Breath.
  21. We've never been known to cause disease, unless you consider red-hot lust for a man in the Flock jersey a disease.
  22. Three out of every four doctors recommend us in the treatment of male pattern baldness.
  23. We know the words to most any classic rock song you can think of, wait maybe that's not something we should admit to.
  24. It will be really freakin' cool when the Flock trounces the Dead Chiefs for their first playoff victory ever on the way to winning the whole damn thing.

Brent Osland, Director of Marketing and Media Relations

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