Fan Appreciation 1998 - Initial Press Notification

April 19, 1998

Have you felt empty, like there was a hole in your very existance? Has your life been devoid of all meaning? Have you given up the hope of ever getting out of the hole you currently find yourself in? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, I think I have the solution to all of your problems. That's right....Flock Broomball, Fan Appreciation Night!

On either Sunday 26th or Monday 27th at a time to be determined the warriors of the Flock Broomball squadron want to give a little back to all of the fans that have given so much to us. We're giving away free tickets to the first 10,000 fans for the first round playoff game versus their bitter rivals of the Evanston B Broomball League. As if the free tickets to the second fastest game on ice weren't enough, we're also going to shower all of our fans with affection in the form of give aways of treasured & autographed Flock memorabilia, contests, and best of all a concert* after the game with fireworks** to celebrate one of the proudest franchises in Chicago history.

Many of you are saying out loud, "Well, I've never even been to a freakin' Flock broomball game." But that's alright with us, because we've felt your support throughout the season in your prayers and thoughts and general misdemeanor, so we want to pay you back for your loving indifference. We've got an autographed jersey from goaltending great Brent Osland. We've got a game broken stick from one of the toughest defensmen in Broomball history, Stefan Kretschmann as well as many other great items from one of the five best franchises in Evanston B League history that are playing this season. And we've brought together the original members of Kiss, The Beatles, & Lynard Skynard as well as one guy who used to be in Grand Funk Railroad playing with a non-founding member of Procol Harem in a post-game concert extravaganza*. Weather permitting, we'll also dazzle all of our fans with a laser light/fireworks show**, the likes of which has never been seen in the greater Chicago metro area.

Now your asking, "But I don't know ANYTHING about broomball!" Well that is alright too, because over the course of the week I'll be sending out pointers about the game, explinations of the rules, and fantastic bio information about all the players and coaches, so that by the time the ball drops to start the game you'll be a certified expert.

This is definately the defining moment of which ever generation you are in, so you won't want to miss out. Come on, everone else is doing it! If you don't do it, you definately won't get that promotion you are angling for. You better be there unless you're dead or in jail, and if you are in jail BUST OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brent Osland, Director of Marketing and Media Relations

*Concert & participants are subject to change or cancellation at the whim of the Director of Marketing and Media Relations.
**Weather permitting means that it must be 74.3 degrees and the prevailing wind must be a southwesterly north wind that sends a shiver down the spine of those exactly 7'7" tall, while not being strong enough to knock down an empty Billy Beer can.

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