Fan Appreciation 1998 - Game Strategies

April 21, 1998

The jig is up the news is out, a day for the most prolific one game, total goal series in Broomball history has been set. This Sunday, bloody Sunday at the Robert Crown Center the Flock squad takes the ice to improve upon the league's best playoff record for the current season. Lines have already formed at the ticket office, but the first 10,000 of our fantastic Flock fans can avoid camping out because we're letting you in for free.

The Flock will either play the Dead Chiefs, a gritty, physical team who took the season series 2-0 with a 2-7 goal differential or their arch-rival the Dogs who sport the league's best player in the Water Coyote and took the season series 2-0 with a 1-9 goal differential. Both teams have reservations about facing the upstart Flock who punish and torment their opponents with aggressive forechecking and potent offensive punch.

I know there are those among you who fear broomball because of a general lack of knowledge, but I am here to help you. Broomball for all practical purposes is Hockey without skates, the puck, and normal hockey sticks. Add in goofy shoes, long hair, weird sticks and nuclear weapons and you have yourself broomball Flock style.

Now that you have a general idea about the game, lets talk about some of the more intricate strategies employed by the Flock. The offense is designed around a complex passing game known as "The Dump and Chase" where we use pinpoint passing to to create odd man situations deep in our offensive zone. The defense is a much looser orginization, set around Stefan chasing the ball with his incredible wing span and Mike Wenz handing down the punishment in the crease or John Passman displaying his formidable soccer skills in clearing the zone. The Flock power play unit has also been the subject of much research. They've consistantly been able to kill any man advantage, so much so that other teams have taken to video taping the game to gain insight into their awesome ball control. In very special occasions one might even be able to see the now patented "Raise the Roof" attack where the Flock just talks so much non-sensical trash and makes so absurd statements that the other team is left defenseless due to the fits of laughter that incapacitate them. A very sly technique indeed.

Now everyone should have something to watch for at the big game on Sunday. And remember keep you eye on the ball at all times because you never know when some other fan is going to take one on the mellon, and you don't want to miss seeing that do you?

Brent Osland, Director of Marketing and Media Relations

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