Flock Rocks 2 - The Lost Album

Track Song Artist
1 Come Out & Play Twisted Sister
2 Hold Me Down Tommy Lee
3 No One Knows Queens of the Stone Age
4 Fly Me Courageous Drivin' N Cryin'
5 Bang Gorky Park
6 Can You Draw A Dragon? Strong Bad
7 911's a Joke Public Enemy
8 Trip at the Brain Suicidal Tendencies
9 Rise and Fall Helloween
10 Bored Death Angel
11 Smooth Up In Ya Bulletboys
12 Trogdor Strikes Again Strong Bad
13 The Zoo Scorpions
14 Hard To Handle Black Crowes
15 Rock Soldiers Ace Frehley
16 Lie Down (A Modern Love Song) Whitesnake
17 Jump Van Halen
18 I'm On To You Hurricane
19 Everything About You Ugly Kid Joe
20 Lit Up Buckcherry
21 Communication Breakdown Led Zepplin
22 Blitzkrieg Bop The Ramones
23 Trogdor, the Burninator Strong Bad
Digitally remastered in June 2003, from original 8-tracks lost sometime in 1978.
Created By Stefan Kretschmann
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