Flock Rocks 5.5 - Down & Dirty (Minnesota Sister CD)

Track Song Artist
1 2-18 The Gear Daddies
2 500 Miles Down By Law
3 American Girl Dance Hall Crashers
4 Bob NoFX
5 Brat Green Day
6 Closer to the Stars Soul Asylum
7 Cool Kids Screeching Weasel
8 Dammit Blink 182
9 Danny's Song Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies
10 Descendents Descendents
11 Dim Dada
12 Do You Think You're Beautiful Dance Hall Crashers
13 Don't Beat My Ass Goo Goo Dolls
14 Evangeline Bad Religion
15 Flower Tattoo Down By Law
16 Go Mustard Plug
17 Johnny Appleseed NoFX
18 Last Train to Clarksville The Magnolias
19 Leaving on a Jet Plane Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies
20 Little Red Corvette The Gear Daddies
21 No FB Descendents
22 Professor Booty The Beastie Boys
23 Sara The Driver The Magnolias
24 Shotgun Jimmy The Insteps
25 Supersonic Bad Religion
26 The Rock Show Blink 182
27 Cartoon Soul Asylum
28 Tilted Sugar
29 Waiting For Somebody Paul Westerberg
Quad Cities One More Time, 2003, Created By Wayne Koeckeritz
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