The Flock - Vs. Rich in a Box

Feb 17, 20085:00@Rich in a BoxWin 3-1
Nov 9, 20086:00@Rich in a BoxLose 2-3
Mar 1, 20095:00@Rich in a BoxWin 2-0
Oct 11, 20096:00@Rich in a BoxWin 10-0
Feb 14, 20106:00@Rich in a BoxTie 2-2
Record: 3-1-1      GF-GA 19-6
Player Stats
Jonathan Carroll5931200021
Glen Weinberg435800000
Dan Ziolkowski540420010
Nick DiBenedetto221300000
Joel Weinberg402200000
Erich Hirsch202200000
Joe Piccirillo211220000
Jon Passman300000000
Brent Osland500000000
Jason Smith100000000
Jeff Carpenter100020000
Goalie Stats
Brent Osland531120.70061.20
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