The Flock - Vs. Team 6

Sep 29, 20198:00Team 6Win 3-0
Nov 3, 20196:00@Team 6Win 8-0
Feb 16, 20207:45@Team 6Win 7-1
Mar 29, 20207:45Team 6
Record: 3-0-0      GF-GA 18-1
Player Stats
Noah Frank242620010
Alan Gregor313400000
John Junior113400000
Mike Wenz321320100
John Falk230300010
Dave McKenzie230300000
Steve Wilhusen120201000
Dan Ziolkowski301100000
Ryan Tang110100010
Joe Tang110100000
Brad Tang101100000
Brent Osland300000000
Chris Guy100000000
Goalie Stats
Brent Osland330021.00010.33
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